Rulabula would like to say bye bye to Stephanie and a great big HELLO to Sabrina!

I have had 3 great years at Rulabula, and have met some really cool people and great customers! I have to mention Cregg Community Group as they were always lots of fun! There have been lots of parties, and I’ve met so many children, but I have to say a special hello and a big thanks to, Cliona Kelly, Emily Coen, Joy Feehily, Rachel Hession, Sarah Kennedy and Clara Hewston who gave me lots of laughs!

Sabrina Waterhouse, who has been a regular assistant at Rulabula is now taking over the ship. I wish her the best of luck and continued success with the crazy and funny world of paint your own pottery!

I would like to say a big thank you to all of Rulabula’s customers, and hope you give Sabrina the same warm welcome as you gave me.

Best wishes